GPS range finder features

To explore the various 'range finding' features of Golf Quickscore+, select from the sub-headings on the right.

The accuracy of the distance values displayed is wholly dependant upon the capabilities of your phone's GPS receiver and upon the strength of the GPS signal being received. Different devices, even when held side-by-side, will give slightly different readings and even the same device will potentially give different readings from one moment to the next.

When available, the application will display the accuracy of the current GPS fix. Note that, just because the application says that the accuracy is, for example, + or - 30m, it does not mean that the current fix is way off (it may be pretty much spot on). Conversely, an accuracy of + or - 2m may not be quite as accurate as it appears.

Note that use of the GPS functionality on your device will drain the battery and therefore it is suggested that the range finding features be used conservatively. A Preference setting exists that may be used to reduce the frequency of the GPS updates when on the scorecard screen. This will increase battery life at the expense of potentially waiting a little longer to get accurate proximity readings. Alternatively, the GPS features (pin proximity column and shot measurement) may be easily toggled on and off as required using the menu options. When distance/proximity values are not being displayed, the GPS receiver is de-activated.