Golf Quickscore+ is...

...a golf scorecard for Android devices supporting up to 6 players, teams, and multiple game types. Suitable for both traditional golf and disc golf. Designed for quick and easy entry of the number of strokes played so that less time is spent staring at your phone and more time is spent just playing golf.


  • Scoring Methods - Stroke play, Stableford (+ modified), Match play (incl. Irish Match Play for 3+ players), Skins and Par/Bogey Competitions supported. Strokes received calculated per hole according to your current handicap or handicap index.

  • GPS Range Finder - See distance to pin, length of your last shot and measure the distance from your current location to any position on the course to plan layup shots etc.

  • Statistics and Performance Charts - See how your game improves either on an individual hole or tee, or across the board.

  • Handicap Calculator - Including the ability to view the steps in the calculation.

  • Teams - Supports fourball/bestball scoring for rounds of 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 or any other combination of players (or even 5 vs 1).

  • Email-able Scorecards

Why pay for the data on 1000's of golf courses when you only play a few? Add the details for the courses you play, quickly and easily, directly on your phone.